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NBS Product Specifications

NBS Specifications for all Rolled Lead roofing, cladding, flashing and penetration. If you experience problems, please feel free to request via email or phone and an JMR representative will be happy to forward arrange. All users should be aware when using any materials that getting the specification right first time is an essential part of the design process.

Failure to form a clear specification  will cause major problems for all those involved in the build potentially causing on site chaos. This can reflect badly on those involved costing the main contractor and / or the client potential loss of revenue. A well written specification can only enhance project delivery which in turn saves money for all involved.

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Truth About Lead


The Truth About Lead is a video in which all the misconceptions of lead are answered. Lead is one of the oldest materials used in building and has been trusted to shelter monumental constructions that were, and in some cases still are, our most important buildings. Stately Homes, Court Houses, Churches, Catherdrals and Palaces all utilised lead as a roofing material due to its availability, low maintenance requirement and longevity.


Lead for many years has been used in some form on every building. In more recent times, lead has been wrongly attributed as a product that doesnt meet modern environmental requirements. Although when looking deeper into the source, it normally stems from an alternative product that’s simply looking to take some of the lead market for its own replacement product, which claims to be greener, yet in a life cycle test will simply fall flat when compared to the performance of lead. In this video, you will hear the argument for lead rather than against and will be pleasantly surprised by how green the material actually is!

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Weights Charts

Download Metal Pages Click Here

Download Guide to Rolled Lead Click Here

Helpful to the architect specifier, the builder’s merchant and the end user, the comprehensive Rolled Lead Sheet and Flashing Theoretical Weight Chart gives all rolled lead weights. It gives the weight of all our rolled lead, by code/thickness, for all different widths and lengths available direct from stock. The weights are given in kilos per roll and kilos per square metre, according to width and length required and includes a helpful comparison to the nearest imperial inch.

All theory weights are subject to EN 12588:2006 (manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%), and calculated by: length (m) x width (m) x KG/m2

JMR can also offer bespoke width and length rolls upon request.

To further assist our customers when using JMR products, we offer the Craftsman’s Guide which contains a collection of helpful details and information on the premium roofing products range such as; Flashpoint. Lead Restorers, Expansion Joints, Wood Cored Batten Rolls, Fixing Clips and Strip, Lead Dome Sets, Annular Ring Shank Nails, Underlays, Flexislates, Hall Clips, Metwash, Patination oil, Lead Slates, Fluxes and solders.

Flashpoint provides a preferred alternative to the use of mortar as a pointing material for lead-brick and lead-masonry joints. Mortar is unable to expand and contract with lead and masonry during temperature variations, leading in some cases to the mortar cracking and allowing ingress of water.

Flashpoint is a one part, neutral cure, silicone based sealant that once applied will cure to give a flexible, durable and elastic seal, capable of accommodating the high degree of thermal expansion and contraction often encountered with lead flashings exposed to direct sunlight.

Because of its water content, mortar cannot be applied in cold, frosty conditions. However, Premium Flashpoint with its large service temperature range can be used at temperatures down to -65 C.

Our range of soft solders include Plumbers ‘D’ and Tinman’s Solder.

Our range of fluxes include Zinn7, ZD-Pro, Deca-Quartz, Soldering Gel.

Call for additional information

We supply a range of soft solders for joining hard metal sheet. The solder range includes BS EN 29453:1994 grades:

C – for general engineering and jointing of copper.

D – for plumbing and wiping of lead and lead alloy cable sheathing.

G – for general engineering work on copper, brass and zinc.

K – for use with stainless steel

We also supply solder fluxes specific to the metal to be jointed. These are:

Zinn 7 – Copper., Zinc without a factory produced patina;

ZD-Pro – Recommended by Rheinzink for RZ Pro preweathered zinc sheet.

Deca-Quartz – Recommended by Umicore for VM Quartz preweathered zinc sheet. Soldering Gel – Stainless steel, tinned and non-tinned.

Citronex can be used to clean glue and residues from metals. Always test on a small hidden area or sample piece

Foamglas PC11 is a cold applied adhesive for Foamglas Insulation. This comes in buckets and should be applied liberally to the underside and inbetween joints to ensure a firm fix and remove the possibility of vapour transfer.

Koropop is a cold applied gutter glue that comes in cartridges that fit into a standard mastic gun. The metal areas to be glued should be cleaned thoroughly before attempting to bond. The glue is for gutters only and should not be used for sealing joints on roofing or cladding.

Metwash is a hand wash specifically designed to ensure safe cleansing after using all metals. It is highly recommended that hands are thoroughly washed when handling metals before eating, using the bathroom etc.

VMZINC lacquer remover is used for the removal of Protective underside coatings or lacquered surfaces before soldering.


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Lead Specification

‘Beware all roofing merchants, builders merchants and Lead Installers!’ ‘Not all rolled lead is manufactured to EN 12588:2006 specification…’

When you purchase your lead requirment, ALWAYS ensure it has the following…

EN 12588:2006 Certification document? 50yr Warranty? CE Marked?

If they  are unable to provide this information, protect your reputation and show them the door.