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Jamestown Metal Resources (JMR) ‘Enviro Lead’ sheet & flashing is manufactured to the highest standard, that being EN 12588:2006 in accordance with European Standard and European Norms for the construction industry. Enviro Lead is the only ‘branded’ lead sheet and flashing available to the Irish market place, and as such makes Enviro Lead highly specifiable.

To further complement Enviro Lead’s unique position, it also carries a 50 year warranty.

Enviro Lead sheet and flashing itself enjoys an enviable record and reputation, not least because its;

  • More durable – Enviro Lead lasts three times longer than other man-made products.
  • More carbon friendly – Enviro Lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals and is up to 100% recyclable.
  • More economical than any man-made alternative – Enviro Lead is 100% more cost effective over 65 years.

Enviro Lead sheet & Flashing enjoys further recognition In terms of recycling and embodied energy to the extent that it has a BRE Green Guide A+ rating. Even so, in terms of the route to market for rolled lead sheet, the existence of a European Standard, EN 12588:2006, means that supply and procurement has traditionally been commodity driven. However, while the standard provides a defined measure of quality, it doesn’t differentiate between the source of raw materials and proportion of recycled material used.

To this end, Enviro Lead is the end result of the near total eradication of a toxic stream from entering the environment. It is derived from an end of life lead acid battery, which up to 2005 used to end up in landfill. Every lead acid battery that is brought to our recycling facility ‘Envirowales’ based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales, 96% of its constituent parts are recycled. These include its casing (high grade polypropylene) and electrolyte fluid (mainly sulphuric acid). The ‘splitting’ process extracts metal solids, sulphurised paste and polypropylene leaving only polyethylene, which accounts for the last 4%. This too is the focus of a research programme to find a viable means of re-processing. For the rest, desulphurisation enables sodium sulphate salt to be extracted for use as a bulking agent in detergents, glass manufacture and even animal feed under a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

Enviro Lead is a well-stocked, well-represented product throughout Ireland’s roofing and builders merchants. It’s readily available to contractors in a variety of sizes, as well as bespoke options, giving further diversity of uses and options to architects and decision makers, reinforced through focused CPD (Continued Professional Development) support.

“A Positive Partnership – Through excellent work ethics and unparalleled service JMR have become leaders in our field.


All products can be delivered by JMR, utilizing our extensive all Ireland network of Hauliers. Special facilities such as HIAB Crane, Flatbeds or small vehicles for restrictive site access can be arranged upon request when placing an order.

Contact our friendly sales and technical team on +353 1 4201714 or send us an e-mail. If you would like to contact us via the website out of hours please click here.

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