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The Truth About Lead is a video in which all the misconceptions of lead are answered. Lead is one of the oldest materials used in building and has been trusted to shelter monumental constructions that were, and in some cases still are, our most important buildings. Stately Homes, Court Houses, Churches, Catherdrals and Palaces all utilised lead as a roofing material due to its availability, low maintenance requirement and longevity.


Lead for many years has been used in some form on every building. In more recent times, lead has been wrongly attributed as a product that doesnt meet modern environmental requirements. Although when looking deeper into the source, it normally stems from an alternative product that’s simply looking to take some of the lead market for its own replacement product, which claims to be greener, yet in a life cycle test will simply fall flat when compared to the performance of lead. In this video, you will hear the argument for lead rather than against and will be pleasantly surprised by how green the material actually is!

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